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Matching you and your new commercial space

This is the essence of what we do.  You will have an idea as to what your new premises must offer to provide your business with what it needs to thrive, and you will be seeking space in a busy market-place, where you may find yourself in competition with other businesses seeking similar accommodation. 


HBC seek to understand your precise requirements, both now and for the medium term, establishing the best size of space to meet these requirements and advise on the most economic locations. You will want to obtain favourable lease terms with break options to suit your future expansion and will most certainly want to sign the lease at a date to suit your business.

It is the management of the time-scale where often most cost savings can be made. Our experience of this process can save wasted time during the legal and fitting out process, and perhaps most importantly, if relocating to new premises, reduce double overheads to a minimum.

The process:

HBC take a detailed brief. It isn’t complicated as you will have your own ideas as to what you require.  It is our job to scour the market and find that elusive best premises and negotiate best possible terms given the market conditions that then apply.

From our extensive database we can source every suite that is currently being marketed but it is just as important to find out what is coming to the market in the next few weeks and months.  We would inspect all prospects with our clients, and assist in creating a short-list.

Over the next few days and potentially weeks we would be negotiating best possible terms and helping to establish the best premises taking into account the terms, the possibilities for expansion within the building, the lease and its base specification.  Thereafter we go on to measure the premises to establish the correct floor area and liaise with the conveyancing lawyers as our input into assignment, rent review, dilapidation and break clause provisions can prove invaluable.

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