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HBC Acquisitions 80 Strand WC2R Under a Sunset Sky - JWUK Nov 21

Your Expert Partner in Business Relocation and Acquisitions

Understanding Your Needs

At HBC, we understand the complexities of relocating your business. You'll have a clear vision of your space requirements to thrive – a strategic location in a bustling marketplace, potentially facing competition for ideal properties. Acquisitions are at the heart of what we do. We'll work closely with you to pinpoint your precise needs, both immediate and future, ensuring the perfect space size and the most cost-effective location for your business.

Negotiating the Best Deal

Securing favorable lease terms with built-in break options for future expansion is crucial. We'll ensure the lease signing date aligns seamlessly with your business timeline. Time management is paramount, and our experience streamlines the entire process – minimizing legal and fitting-out delays, and most importantly, reducing the burden of double overheads during relocation.

A Streamlined Relocation Process

Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation. We understand you likely have a good idea of what you need. Our expertise lies in scouring the market to unearth the elusive ideal property and negotiate the best possible terms based on current market conditions.

Leveraging Our Network

Through our extensive database, we can access every currently available commercial space. But that's not all. We actively uncover properties soon to hit the market, giving you a crucial edge. We'll personally inspect all potential sites with you, collaborating to create a shortlist of top contenders.

Securing Your Future

Over the following days and weeks, we'll meticulously negotiate the most favorable terms while keeping an eye on future expansion possibilities within the building. We'll thoroughly analyze the lease, focusing on base specifications, rent reviews, dilapidation clauses, and strategically placed break clauses. We'll even take precise measurements of the premises and collaborate with your conveyancing lawyers, providing invaluable insights on lease assignments, rent reviews, dilapidation clauses, and break clause provisions.

Partner with HBC and ensure a smooth, successful business relocation.

HBC Acquisitions 80 Strand WC2R Under a Sunset Sky - JWUK Nov 21
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