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Disposing of Your Lease Before Expiration: Effective Solutions for City Businesses:                             

At HBC, we understand that business needs can change rapidly. If you find yourself needing to vacate your current premises before your lease ends, we're here to help you navigate your options and secure the most cost-effective exit strategy.

Disposals: Leaving Before Lease End

While a lease is a binding agreement, it can be modified with your landlord's consent. Here are the primary methods for disposing of your remaining lease term:

  • Subletting: Grant temporary occupancy rights to another party.

  • Assignment: Transfer your entire leasehold interest to a new tenant.

  • Surrender: Negotiate with your landlord to release you from your lease obligations.

  • Expiry by Effluxion of Time: Allow your lease to expire naturally through the passage of time (typically not the most cost-effective option).

Choosing the Right Disposal Method

Each disposal method has its own advantages and complexities. Our team of experienced Commercial Real Estate Advisors will work closely with you to:

  • Evaluate: Assess your specific situation and financial goals.

  • Strategize: Determine the most cost-effective disposal method for your needs.

  • Negotiate: Facilitate communication and negotiation with your landlord.

  • Manage the Process: Handle all aspects of the disposal process, ensuring a smooth transition.

By partnering with HBC, you can achieve a successful lease exit and focus on relocating to your new space with confidence.

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