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Serviced Offices

There are times when short term, highly flexible and fully serviced offices or indeed co-working space is needed. You may be a new start-up business or require overflow space to hold off the moment until a relocation into new premises can take place.


There are a plethora of providers of serviced offices scattered all over London and whether you need 1 or 100 work stations there will always be a number of places where you can site your business.

The costs will vary from building to building and will depend upon the location as well as the level of services provided. Some will offer the most basic of services whilst others will offer hotel like environments and support.

As Specialist Commercial Real Estate Advisory HBC’s dedicated team can advise you on all aspects of a serviced office search. We keep records of all availability, updated daily, such that full listings of availability can be provided within hours of your enquiry. We then provide a fully supported review process, accompanying you on viewings of these sites and subsequently advising on the terms proposed.

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