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Building Surveying

HBC always fully discuss your reasons for needing a survey in order to ensure you chose the most appropriate survey type’.



HBC are pleased to offer assistance to future occupiers, investors or funding organisations with the following the types of survey;

Property purchase survey; this provides the prospective purchaser or lessee of a commercial property with factual information on significant aspects of the condition of the property. With this type of survey minor items of disrepair are not normally included in the  report.

Building survey; if the building is more complex in terms of its age or construction we may advise commissioning a full building survey. The extent of the survey will be subject to specific agreement between you, the client, and HBC.  However, it may include guidance on maintenance and the measures necessary to remedy any visible defects together with the associated repair costs.

Schedule of condition; prospective lessees often need to arrange for a schedule of condition before the commencement of a lease. Essentially this is a ‘snap-shot’ of the condition of the building (or part of the building within the demise) at that particular time. HBC advise the schedule is supported by photographs and drawings which provide the lessee with a comprehensive record of the condition of the premises they intend to acquire.

We also prepare schedules of condition for building owners prior to the commencement of adjacent construction work.

Building defect investigation; a specialist investigation is appropriate where there is concern over specific parts of, or defects in, a property. For example this may relate to cracking in masonry, timber decay, dampness or water ingress through the building fabric. The scope of this type of investigation is very specific to each client appointment.


Stock condition survey; HBC provides this service to clients who have a portfolio of properties to manage. It is a type of condition survey commissioned to assess the state of repair or condition of the building stock held within their portfolio. The survey results are then uploaded onto the client’s database which assists in formulating priorities for their future planned preventative maintenance programme.


Defect Diagnosis; Specialist tests are common in the diagnosis of the cause of recurring building defects or as result of recommendations made from a building survey. HBC can carry out (where appropriate) and coordinate / supervise specialist testing of defective components.

Schedule of dilapidations – Interim; this survey identifies wants of repair, including the decorations, of a leasehold premises, that relate to the repairing obligations of the lessee under the terms of the lease.


Schedule of Dilapidations – Terminal; HBC can assist the lessee in connection with a schedule of dilapidations served by the landlord’s surveyor.  We can either negotiate and agree the cost of the work to be undertaken or arrange for the work to be carried out and (subject to our Client’s approval) agree with the landlord’s surveyor that any such work has been satisfactorily carried out.  

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